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my role

Interaction Design Intern



In Summer 2016, I interned as an interaction designer at Tencent for 2 months. During my internship, I worked on multiple projects across web and mobile platforms.

The two projects in this case study are to help social media influencers engage more and post more content on Tencent's social media platforms (including QQ and Wechat).

project 1: web profile page design

project goal

In 2016, Penguin Media Platform (om.qq.com) is a newly launched platform that allows individuals and associations to create their own public account and post content to Tencent's social media platforms (including QQ and Wechat).

The goal of the web profile page is to show the most popular public accounts and encourage other social media influencers to learn from them and produce better content. With this requirement in mind, I decided the content should take most of the page. I did lots of iterations on the layout while getting feedback from designers in my team and the PMs.

Iterations of the design

project 2: Mobile sign-up flow design

project goal

The goal of this project is to design a mobile sign-up flow for iOS devices.

Because sign-up pages are not new for users, the most important goal of those pages is to be intuitive and easy to use. To make sure my design doesn't go against user's expectations of sign-up pages, I first analyzed interactions in sign-up pages in other similar applications and identified the key interactions that need to be included.

mobile sign-up interaction flow