Hi, I'm Shiyue Sun, a UX designer enthusiastic about collaboratively solving sophisticated problems for users and businesses.

To access some of the following case studies, please reach out to me at shiyue.um@gmail.com .

Product design | Interaction design | UX Research

Human Scoring System Design

A sophisticated multi-portal web application design project at Educational Testing Service (ETS). It is an internal tool that researchers use to conduct studies that can help improve quality and equity of ETS's core products.

I redesigned the whole user flow and user experience to improve usability and reduce tasks completion time for users.

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Product design | UX Research

English Learning Product Design

A start-from-scratch English learning product design for young learners in China.

An innovative incubator project at Educational Testing Service. My team's work on this project helped our company make the decision to shift its business focus.

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Web design | Mobile Design | Interaction design

tencent penguin media platform

Two projects I worked on during my interaction design internship at Tencent in summer 2016. Both projects are to increase social media influencers' engagement on Tencent's social media platforms (including QQ and Wechat).

One project is designing the web profile page for social media influencers so that others can learn and improve their content.

Another project is designing the mobile sign-up flow for the content posting platform (Penguin Media Platform).

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Mobile Design | Visual Design

Mobile Magazine Experience Design

Projects I did when I worked as a visual designer at Viva New Media from 2014 to 2015.

I worked on designing the layouts and user interfaces for different magazines to increase users' click rate and engage time on Viva's mobile magazine application.

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